Next week’s stuff

The latest MB set was out and here are the followings. Romantic Blue Bracelet, Black French Beret, Pink Cushion, French Bear Plushie. Isn’t the bear cute? 😀

I got totally mesmerized by next week’s clothes and paintings and I was sure I would make a room out of those.

The totally cutest of all is this Regal Carriage, the pony is so elegant adn the carriage says: “Buy me.” All over the place 😀

While the Mystery painting caught most of my attention too.

Fifa World Cup is having it’s finals next week and there’s a picture I would like to share with all of you, drawn by a good friend of mine on the forum, Chili Candy.

And my latest piece(Not a beauty, I’ll say) :


New updates!

Next week’s new mb item includes, BBQ hot sauce, Independence day party hat, Pink party balloons and Pink mini fridge.

Mikan found them out when April surprise with a whole set! 🙂 (I wonder what to do with mine)

As for the new weekly treasure hunt item, popcorn machine,  Mikan digged 2 and sold both in the forum, she didn’t know what to do with them.

There is also a new island unlock in your world map, but you would have to get friends’ help by sending you the items to build a hot air balloon! 😀 For more information on Treasure hunt, visit PSC treasure hunt guide

Mikan’s not that perk up about next week item, but there is one she will surely get:

The Limited deer seat!

There will only be 5000 released though, so be sure to get yours as soon as you can! 😀

Next weeks stuff I’m in love with

After reading the spoilers for next with items, just like PSC, I totally fell in love with the Tropical sunset wallpaper.

Isn’t it a romantic sight? 😀

Other then that, Mikan has found all the new mystery items of next week which are the Pink Kite, Hula Dancer Plushie and the Swan Rubber ring. 😀

One other item that is going to be a tough decision for me is the new WWF underwater bundle

I want the Underwater Grotto alot, it leads to a secret aquarium, a room where you can keep all of your fish, as a fan of fishing, I would really love that. It costs 20pfc though, and I wanted the turtle as well. I am in quite a delima as I don’t know whether to have the bundle as it will be so much cheaper compared to the price of buying the turtle and the grotto as it includes other items as well!

Aren’t they sweet looking?

The Bummer of the whole thing-Animal Costume Bag

It’s so cute, includes costumes, ears, tail and stuff, so why is it a bummer you ask? Well it costs 5pfc each. Yes It’s random what you get. I never did like random stuff when you’re spending real life money on it.

My Greek room.

I made a greek room some time ago and would like to share it with you guys 🙂

Well? What do you think? Goddess Mikan flying around enjoying her alone time. I personally like the heart flowers(TWS-not in stores) I got from wedding week and the wedding cake(TWS-not in stores) is ENORMOUS and pretty 😀 Mikan missed on the eternal white wings that was cc from the last christmas and got over it after we saw the new Icarus wings (Boutique-amzing items-10cc)in store this week. It moves up and down and can even keep Mikan flying when used 😀 At least I wouldn’t feel envious of friends with the eternal white wings anymore(even if it’s only a little)

Wee~ Guess who’s back?

I haven’s been blogging for months and I’m back for more but not as much as last time though 😀 I got a gift from treehorn from pet society cat today and guess what it was? A happy kitty from the almost new feature! Thanks tree! 🙂


I’m going to dessert this blog for a long time, but who knows, maybe I’ll blog again someday 🙂 I just cant focus on the forum and blogging at one time, but for now, take care guys and readers 🙂

Noted to pet society cat: My guides won’t be update, take care, we’ll still meet in pet society or forum 🙂

New mystery items and items from the week before

Here’s the uodated information about the new mystery ittems that just came out and ones from last week

Geisha mask is creepy! O.O